From a woman to another

In Portrait of a Lady on July 7, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Well it seems everyone is lashing out at Casey Anthony and I suppose I’m jumping on the bandwagon, not because I want to spout off reasons why I hate this woman or hope she’s gets it in the end, but because I think she’s portrays women in a negative light. 

As far as our justice system goes it’s best that she didn’t get convicted for murder because there honestly wasn’t enough evidence to so show that she killed her daughter, but 4 years in prison and a $4,000 fine is quite lenient, especially since she’s going to get out on July 13th, as she already served her jail time during the trial. 

She might not have murdered her daughter, but she definitely was not a good mother, or even a good person for that matter.  She neglected her daughter abhorrently and that is not ok.  Motherhood, though not for everyone and not in any way the ‘duty’ of women, is still sacred – nurturing another life, caring for it.  I don’t think that every woman is meant to have children, or should, but if that role does happen to be given to you, then you better damn well do it to the best of your abilities – and this isn’t just for women. Anyone who is given the responsibility of another life, as difficult as it is, needs to strive to treat that life with love and respect.  Using chloroform to put your daughter to sleep, sending out a missing person’s report a month after she’s gone missing…pretty repugnant and could be considered child abuse, but the jury declared her ‘Not Guilty’ on that charge as well.


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