Another dirty politician

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 12:23 am


So it turns out U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner lied about the photos on his Twitter account and has carried on relationships with several women he’s met online.

I’m not all that surprised, but what is it today with men in power turning up to be such sleaze bags? It’s like every other day some other politician is in the news for having an affair, or an inappropriate and sexually illicit relationship.

If these men can’t live responsibly, or keep promises to the people  in their own lives, whose to say they’ll be able to do it on a wider scale in state, national, or foreign policies?

Yes, it is the age-old debate of whether or not a politician’s personal life matters, as long as they do their job well, but when someone is voted into office because of their all around character, then they need to uphold certain values – values that they themselves claim to follow and believe in.

Individuals need to have more respect for themselves and others…and control certain debasing behaviors.  That’s how we become better leaders and role models.  Self control.



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