I am a woman, therefore I am…?

In Around the World on May 31, 2011 at 7:06 am

The media has let up some on the situation in the Middle East, concerning protestors and the revolutions, except for Syria perhaps…however, the human rights violations have not disappeared just because most of western media has its attention elsewhere.  I read the two articles below today, and it reminded me again, of what is going on in these countries, as well as the necessity to continually educate myself in these matters: issues, political state, human rights groups, campaigns, petitions, etc.

In Egypt, it has come out that female protesters, who had joined the men in fighting for their rights of ALL Egyptians against President Mubarak, were subjected to ‘virginity tests’ by police men.  These women were not considered worthy of being treated with respect  – they are not like one’s mother or sister one policeman said.  Perhaps they are not his mother or sister, but they are someone’s, and regardless, they are human beings who (from the  context of the article), did nothing more than stay in Tahrir Square with other protesters; sharing tents and camaraderie.

The other article was of a Saudi women, detained since May 21 for driving a car, who had finally been released.  This woman, Manal al-Sherif, was part of a movement to protest against the ban of female drivers in Saudi Arabia, where religious leaders have deemed it inappropriate.  Due to this unofficial law, women are forced to depend on the men in their families to drive them around, completely helpless and dependent.

The leader of the movement, Waleed Aboul Khair, is still planning to petition the government.

(Link to ‘virginity tests’ article)

(Link to ‘Saudi woman driver freed’)



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