In Language on February 24, 2011 at 3:38 am

Republicans have come out with a new bill – H.R. 3, also referred to as the “no taxpayer funding for abortions” act, that could redefine what rape is. 

The bill is meant to prevent public money from paying for abortions, which are illegal unless the woman has been: raped, it’s a case of incest, or the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life. 

However, the section that addresses these issues (Section 309), refers to rape as ‘forcible rape’, thus lawmakers would have to determine between what is considered ‘forcible rape’ and just ‘rape’.  By definition, rape is FORCED.   It is the crime of being FORCED to give or receive sexual acts without consent.  If this bill passes as is, and it currently has 203 cosponsors, it could further victimize women who have been raped – despite improvements in laws and resources, an extremely small percentage of women report the crime. 

Rape is rape, end of discussion.  Just because one form is more physically violent than another does not mean it is less of a crime.  This means date rape, statutory rape, rape under the influence, etc.  Congress said they would remove the term ‘forcible’ but that has not happened yet because in order to do that it would need to be reintroduced without the term, or passed and then amended.  Neither has happened. 

There are petitions online that oppose the use of the term ‘forcible’ and that oppose the entire bill.  Check them out and take a stand for women’s rights. 

To read the bill and find out who specifically who sponsors it and its status visit:



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