Female nudity

In Around the World on December 6, 2010 at 2:06 am

Going off of my mention about Centre Pompidou and the feminist art exhibition I thought I’d expand a little on one of the themes: there are so many naked paintings and sculptures of women, but hardly of men.  Actually in the Centre Pompidou was the first time I ever saw a painting of a completely naked man, though I’ve seen plenty of painting and sketches of naked women.  One of the museums they bashed on was the Louvre because it carries so much historical art and therefore has a plenteous amount of naked women pictures. 

Ceiling painting in the Chateau de Versailles

Women getting naked for the sake of art was more common I suppose, and still is no doubt, if you look at magazines and photography and even advertisements, because more ideas can be expressed with a female model? (I’m not sure) Back in the day patrons were often men and artists were largely men because it was taboo for a woman to be that free and do as she pleased.  And it was a difficult life, one that parents would most likely never allow their daughters to willingly get into.  Artists were intrigued by the female figure as well, probably because it was different from their own, but at the same time you’d think they’d want to branch out a little bit.  Were men not allowed (socially) to pose naked for paintings? Michelangelo’s David is one of the most famous sculptures ever, so clearly there were some men who posed. 

Or, did nudity in art have less ‘artistic’ value in reality, and more carnal reasons involved? There is truth in that, but I’m sure there are intellectual and cultural reasons as well to nudity in art, especially since art is meant to stimulate the senses and the mind.  Often it was to celebrate the human body, such as the Greek sculptures of athletic men who competed naked to show off their strength and skill. 

In the Louvre


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