Team Disney

In Portrait of a Lady on December 5, 2010 at 4:43 am

Then we have Team Disney with princesses like Jasmine (from Aladdin), Ariel (Little Mermaid), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast).  These girls (they’re pretty young) are more feisty.  They argue, go against their dads, make decisions for themselves…yet, they’re not the answer to women’s image as power wielders because they’re still just ‘Gibson Girls’ (revamped to fit modern times)

  1. They’re exceptionally beautiful – look at that hair, those eyes, their tiny, tiny waists and clothing





 2. They’re still just silly girls who don’t want responsibility

Ariel is out with her friend Flounder collecting objects (she dreams of being human and care free) when she’s supposed to be at a concert her Dad is holding for the kingdom. 

Jasmin doesn’t want to marry and accept the responsibilities of being a princess and so she runs away

Belle dreams of a more exciting life

Overall, girls clearly are not content with their lives, they’re missing something and that something (according to Disney) is a man.

3. They give up everything for the guy, falling back into the patriarchal system (in the name of ‘love’)

Ariel, who’s 16 by the way, becomes human for Eric (She changes species for a guy she saved and doesn’t know and gives up her voice and her family and everything she’s ever known!)

Belle falls in love with a beast – ok it’s wonderful that she was able to look beyond is monstrous looks/personality but really? A beast! And when he transforms she kisses him 2 seconds later.  Is no one else asking – ‘what the hell!?’ You’d think it’d take a little more of an explanation than ‘Belle, it’s me!’ while he looks at her with sparking blue eyes for her to be like ‘Ya, ok awesome.’

Jasmine falls for Aladdin – I actually have no problem with that.  I love this movie and Aladdin is adorable and they have excellent musical chemistry:

But she’s still at the mercy of his manly ability to save her from Jafar. 

4. Then we look at the villains (Jafar is a male – see I love this movie!) and in Beauty and the Beast they’re fighting more against their personal demons…but otherwise it’s woman against woman.

In the Little Mermaid we have Ursula – it seems like all the villains are ugly or not pretty by society’s standards. Maybe this is why they’re evil, perhaps they just want to be accepted (haha let’s pyscho analyze Disney villains – what happened during their childhood…)

Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty is not invited to the baby Aurora’s coronation or whatever it was, and so gets angry

Ursula is ostracized by the other merfolk because she’s different – she’s like some octomaid or squidmaid (she wants power too, which is not allowed for women.  She also wants love – she tried to marry Eric and when Ariel gets Eric to almost kiss her, what does she call her? ‘That little tramp!’…so typical of a jealous female)

5. All these villains are destroyed by men: The evil stepmother is silenced by the Grand Duke, Ursula is stabbed by a  ship captained by Eric, Maleficent is killed by Prince Phillip…

It’s the same story all over again.


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