Prince Charming part 2

In Anecdotes on December 5, 2010 at 10:46 am

Girls and their conversations about guys: At my organization’s meeting (the one I had blogged about earlier when we were discussing female appearance and why we care, etc) can you guess what the conversation eventually turned to? Hairy men *shudder*  One of the members was talking about how she likes hairy men and so we went on a full out discussion on guys and varying degrees of hairyness that’s allowed or not: facial hair, back hair, chest hair, leg hair, stomach hair…and the types – curly or straight. 

Hilarious, especially some of the stories told, but that still doesn’t excuse us from letting the conversation turn so easily to guys.  I seriously feel like every conversation I’ve had with other females (yes I’m exaggerating; with certain people I’ve had many interesting and varying conversations) has been on guys: how they’re jerks and we’re over them, to meeting a guy, to having him change his mind, to getting over him, to new guys, etc.  “I’m done! Guys are stupid!” If I had a cookie for every time I heard that I’d be fat. 

It reminds me of those videos I posted some time ago titled: “Boys will be Girls” where they do nothing but talk about Christopher’s girlfriend, weight, or relationships.  It’s so funny because it’s true to some degree.  And much of the media we consume continues this.  Try watching a movie that has more than one female in it and has the women speaking with eachother on topics other than men, challenged one the women in my organization (that’s what her female professor uses as a criteria to watch movies) So we talk about guys a lot, but why is that? Are girls really obsessed (naturally) with finding someone and being wanted, or are we made to think this by how we were raised (the classic nature vs. nuture debate) – even if it means ending up with someone who doesn’t treat us right or contribute as much to the relationship.  For me, I love being single – I’m happy with it and I’m not sure if marriage is for me or that the ‘right guy’ for me exists, and I’m fine with that.  Sure, maybe in the future I’ll want a family but there are so many children out there who need good homes so what’s the point of making my own (expcet for vanity)?

Of course everyone tries to dissuade me (except for other women who agree), telling me, with a look of pity or that tone that tells me they think of being ridiculous, that I’ll find someone.  Well, what if I don’t want to? Life is so much simpler without that distraction and more productive as well.  Though, the idea makes for some great music, films, novels, poetry, art…Maybe love is simply a creative outlet, a marketing tool, a way to entertain ourselves or justify our existance


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