Like a cool drink of water

In Portrait of a Lady on November 24, 2010 at 7:05 am

After seeing a Perrier commercial this summer I’ve been wanting to discuss the issue of women in advertising.  Perrier is a French sparkling (carbonated) water company.  I know that all commercials and ads are selling us an idea or an identity and the product is somehow supposed to emulate or bring this about, so it’s hardly ever about what the product actually does.  The Perrier commercial shows a woman, who looks like she’s from the 1950s; wealthy and beautiful, and she takes the Perrier and pours it on her body.  I remember this commercial so distinctly because, well first she was wearing this really pretty dark green corset-type body thing, and whenever I see something like this in movies I wonder if women actually wear such things.  Surely not on a regular basis, because, what in the world would you wear it under? And they seem sort of uncomfortable, but women’s clothing and comfort is another debate entirely.  The second thing is that I couldn’t help but think: ‘What in the world is she doing? How does drinking water have anything to do with seductively pouring it all over your chest you stupid woman!?’  I mean, you’re getting yourself wet and it’s getting all over your carpet, not to mention Perrier is expensive, but hey, you seem to have money so knock you self out.  Of course I know it’s the idea behind the commercial and not the act that matters, but I still can’t help being somewhat bemused by society.  

Therefore, this commercial is telling us that drinking Perrier will allow women to achieve an old Hollywood glamour, becoming enticing and seductive, not to mention rich – and what kind of heterosexual man can resist a drink that portrays that idea?  The setting of her dark bedroom and little furniture gives one the impression that something that maybe shouldn’t be happening is occurring – increasing its appeal because people do have a tendency to enjoy forbidden things – adrenaline, living on the edge, etc.  So drink up men, and pour on women. 

I couldn’t find the actual commercial, but I found this compilation that was made for Perrier, and it’s absolutely bizarre.  It uses the same woman and has the same idea as the short commercial, except this tells more of a story and is that much longer and ridiculous.  Enjoy I guess…and if you get hot, be sure to cool down with a nice glass of Perrier. 


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