Success is not for happy females

In Portrait of a Lady on November 19, 2010 at 3:37 am


Here’s an interesting blog a friend of mine brought to my attention that I sort of forgot about, but it’s a theory that’s been thrown around before.  Basically it says that women who are more successful than their husbands are 40% more likely to get a divorce because the men feel inferior if they’re not the main bread-winner. Or, the wife might think the husband isn’t chipping in his share.  I’ve read about this in magazines before, and it seems to make sense to me, since our culture still raises us to believe that the man will work and the woman will stay home, or if she does work it’s not her main focus, but maybe a hobby or something to make her feel adequate.  Therefore, if the wife is suddenly paying the bills, and making the meals, and cleaning the house…well, what’s the guy to do? He becomes useless, at least in his eyes, and to deal with this he’ll probably get angry and provoke arguments because when men have emotions they convert them to anger, which is why I’ve known two guys who have broken their hands from punching a wall.  And yes, we girls have crying sessions or stress eat, or get sick from stress and don’t eat, and provoke fights as well, BUT…the issue I’m discussing here, is that successful women are screwed if they want a family because men don’t have the confidence, or the breeding, to let this happen.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that when women are the bread winners, they neglect their ‘wifely’ duties because they’re busy at work. Instead of the scenario being the workaholic husband who comes home late, works on weekends, takes his laptop with him everywhere, the women is doing this, and then is probably tired at the end of her day.  I guess then it’s time for the man to learn how to use a stove and wash in clothing.  *Gasp* I know, what a crazy idea, but why not.  There’s nothing wrong with sharing different roles, because who ordained certain tasks to men and women, except child-birth of course.  

Yet, on the flip side, I’ve also read that if a woman isn’t more attractive and wealthier than her husband, then she runs the risk of having him leave her.  Goodness gracious, men are so lousy! Ok, that’s not fair, they’re only lousy in a romantic relationship, but they’re great for conversation and such.


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