No Shame

In Portrait of a Lady on November 10, 2010 at 2:01 am

“Glee” is the popular TV show about a high school show choir who gets bullied and a lot of bad rap because, well show choir is for losers – this was widely used in their marketing campaign.  However, the recent GQ magazine photo op – and if you weren’t aware GQ is a men’s magazine on fashion and guys stuff I guess – is of three “Glee” stars (Diana Agron who plays Quinn, Lea Michelle who plays Rachel, and Cory Monteith who plays Finn) strip down and get a little racy. 

When I say strip down I mean the girls of course, and stripped down to their underwear, while Monteith/Finn is decked out in layers of clothing.  He’s in different shots wearing jeans, collared shirts and sweaters, a vest, or jacket, while Agron/Quinn and Michelle/Rachel are attired (or not) in bras, panties, and maybe a mini skirt or unbuttoned cardigan for fun.  I don’t know about you, but if it’s cold enough for Finn to be wearing pants and sweaters, I’d be freezing my butt off in just my underwear.  But maybe I’m being silly, because I’m sure everyone knows that women never get cold, that’s why they always wear less clothing…OR maybe it’s because females are objectified and allow themselves to be to make money.  Shameless.  And of course they’re in provocative positions and making suggestive faces. 

Our society loves to have shows about high schoolers, and who watches these shows? I’m sure a range of age groups, but the largest demographic is young girls, 12-19 years old, and what do young girls think when they see pictures like this? They want to emulate that, and have bodies like these girls and attention from guys…and  they think it’s ok to dress inappropriately.  This is dangerous.  Not to mention GQ is a MEN’s magazine and the characters, though they’re of age, play high school (under 18) students.  Meaning these photos are inappropriate in more ways than merely being provocative.  A parent response to this magazine photo spread said it bordered on pedophilia. I wouldn’t go that far because they’re not actually children, but it’s an issue that could be addressed.  

Now, I know men can be objectified as well, for there are plenty of magazines with half naked hot guys, but it’s never viewed the same way.  Women are meant to be sexualized, but made to feel bad about it, so that we accept the ideal of looking ‘hot’ and pleasing men while not really being able to control it – it’s like we’re trophies.  For men, being sexualized is something to be proud of, like showing off a new car, while somehow keeping their dignity and superiority.


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