Noticing politeness

In Anecdotes on October 12, 2010 at 3:02 am

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve begun to notice when people are polite and to be more aware of my own attitude as well.  For example, someone who goes out of their way to open doors or let you go first (sometimes awkwardly so because then you have to run to the door or squeeze past, but the thought’s nice), running after your paper that has flown away, etc.  I guess blogging about the inequalities in our society has made me aware of the good things as well, because if we only notice the negative it can be really draining.  It’s important to bring awareness to issues within society so that people know when they say or do something that they should reconsider, and the implications it might have; often we use derogatory swear words like douche-bag without knowing the meaning.  Sometimes I’m so saddened by the events in this world or the things people say that scream: ignorance, intolerance, cruelty, but there are times when people’s kindness and generosity restore my hope in humanity.


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