Feminism = Fascism?

In Videos on October 12, 2010 at 8:48 pm

I found this video on YouTube, and besides being amused by how fast the guy is talking, I find he makes pretty similar arguments to the majority of people opposed to feminism, albeit he tries to be scientific. 

I mostly want you to watch the video and think about it, but there are a couple of things I would like to comment on.  First, the narrator has similar views to that one guy, David, who had asked me if I was a feminist ie: Feminism has changed from its inception to be a movement about female superiority.  Personally, I have never considered feminism to be that way.  That’s the negative connotation of it, just as when people ask if you’re religious – that question carries a lot more weight than simply wondering if you practice a religion. 

Second, he states that feminism is: “Female supremacy, sexism and socialism bordering on fascism”.  Now when I heard this I must confess I laughed because it’s so ridiculous.  Fascism is Mussolini controlled Italy, Nazi Germany, Orwell’s 1984 – it’s a governing system under one ruler who suppresses society. 

Supposedly, feminism isn’t a movement to help women but to undermine their choices to stay at home instead of work, have lower paying jobs, etc.  Feminists advocate for how they want women to be. 

Perhaps, but in some cases how is this a bad thing? It’s not forcing women to be a certain way, but to see how things could be, if they weren’t afraid to oppose the constraints society has placed on them.  If it wasn’t for higher thinking individuals, archaic ways of thinking would still be ok, such as racism.  Living in Texas, I’ve noticed that racism is still rampant, and it’s absolutely baffling to me, not to mention frightening.  If it wasn’t for the Civil Rights movement who knows how bad things would be.   It’s pushing for ideas that some might oppose that allows us to live better.  

I understand that movements often get carried away,  but just because ideologies have the ability to be distorted and misconstrued doesn’t nullify the positives of the idea.  Extremists exist in every situation: religion, government, civil rights…but that doesn’t mean that we should denounce them all.  We should be striving to reclaim the pureness of it.

 Thirdly, it’s not about gender neutrality, but about gender equality.  Men and women are different, duh, that’s not the problem.


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