Don’t turn back the Clock

In Around the World on October 12, 2010 at 8:33 pm

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a speech in Washington, on the need for women to come out and vote in this year’s upcoming midterm elections.  Of course, she’s urging for a Democratic vote, but the party in this case isn’t important to me.  I’m not a specific party anyways, since I think both have lost sight of what’s really important for our country and pursue selfish goals.  What I do agree on however, is that women should go out and vote.  If we want to influence our position in society we have to do so at the national level.   There are already laws that protect women from discrimination, like other minorities – in the work place and such, but to participate on an equal level, influencing the policies that run this country, not to mention the rest of the world, then women need to vote on what policies are implemented, and the Congress members who represent us, and make those policies. 

Pelosi’s argument: Don’t turn back the clock – because the GOP wants to dismantle the health bill that ended the days where being a woman was a preexisting medical disorder.  I’m not sure if a bill can change that mindset overnight, but it may be a step towards it.  For just because there are laws against discrimination in the hiring process, I’m sure when a woman is hired, the fact that she can become pregnant influences the decision.  And only women have to worry about, from when they begin their education – ‘how am I going to juggle a career and a family after this?’ Unless of course you’re the type of woman who is just at University for her MRS degree, or on the other end, a guy isn’t in the picture – at least not for awhile down the line when you have a career, you’re self supporting, and you’ve seen more of the world without being tied down. 

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20019266-503544.html (Full Story)


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