In Language on October 12, 2010 at 12:01 am

So ladies, how many times have you been called a bitch?  It’s quite the versatile word because it can be used for different types of girls, and even guys.  You’ve got your typical bitches, the female version of a jerk – stuck up girls who take pleasure in belittling others.  Then you have those who are just angry at life, and therefore rude to everyone – probably the most disliked.  And then, you have your successful bitches: intelligent women who speak their mind and intimidate men, so people call them names to compensate for their feelings of inferiority.  It’s the same way for women in the army, a reliable source tells me.  If women take control and try to be leaders, they’re bitches, but if they’re not, they’re weak and helpless and a liability – they can’t win I was told. 

Here we have a classic example of a successful corporate woman aka: A Bitch

Later on in the film, Andrea (Anne Hathaway) tells someone that if Miranda (Meryl Streep) was a man, all anyone would be aware of is that she is incredibly good at her job. 

Now a guy can be referred to as being someone’s bitch, as in he does whatever he’s told to do – could be sycophantic or due to institutionalized hierarchical reasons.  Yet, if a bitch, when referring to a female, means someone who’s not very nice or just intimidating, why is it that it means something completely different for males?  Does it stem from the belief that women are supposed to be submissive or subservient? That idea makes me shudder, so thank goodness it’s changing.  In Texas, it’s hard to tell sometimes, and women aren’t viewed equally in the rest of the country, which is why I have this blog, but for the most part, at least speaking for myself and the women I know, we aren’t afraid to break that mold.  And there seem to be more women popping up on the campaign trail this year, though the candidates do not necessarily impress me.

  1. That’s one of my favorite movies by the way. But, yea. I am trying to be understanding of people who see nothing disrespectful about the word bitch, though it drives me up a wall.

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