‘C’ What!?

In Language on October 10, 2010 at 10:12 pm

The dreaded four letter ‘c’ word, that I’m still not sure how to use correctly because I’ve heard it used is so many contexts. What I’ve gathered from it though is that it can be used for anyone, or any situation you dislike (intensely).  Even some people who have quite the colorful vocabulary shy away from this swear word, because I guess it’s not to be taken lightly.  And yes, it’s ‘cunt’ if you weren’t sure what I was referring to, and yes, once again it refers to a certain part of the female body. 

Probably the only time I haven’t cringed when hearing it used, depending upon the speaker, or just ignored it, was when I was walking with my friend and she was complaining about certain bodily functions that occur, roughly every month for women who aren’t going through menopause – so ya her period.  “My vagina is being such a fucking cunt!” she said. We laughed. “Oh my cunt is being a cunt,” she laughed again,   “No pun intended.”

Her use of it was often harmless enough, even funny – dry humor often is, but it represents that fact that such words have made it into the mainstream, used by both men and women; continuing the derogatory meaning of words relating to the female body. 

I personally have been called a cunt once in my life.  Senior year of high school I was a little too honest with my guy friend concerning his relationship with a girl in my class who he didn’t like but had used. I guess I made him feel guilty and embarrassed for his ‘douche-baggy’ behavior (and yes, I used that to be ironic) and he didn’t like it.  So he got a little upset and called me a ‘cunt’.  Though I was shocked, I just let it roll off my back, when really I should have told him to watch is mouth.  Women shouldn’t be afraid to complain about the use of such vulgarity – change has to start somewhere, it might as well start with us.


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