Be a Man

In Language on October 10, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Are you ready? Drum roll please. Today I am once again blogging about another word that pejoratively refers to the female body, specifically the vagina, of course.  This one is used primarily by males.

In American society, what does it mean to be a man? Who really knows these days; the idea is changing, just as many other aspects of society are changing .  What does it mean to be a man?  One thing I think we can all agree on, is that withint our society men are supposed to be tough. 

How to be a man Disney style:

Disney, and its perceptions of the feminine is another aspect I may delve into, but today’s blog is about men and their way of poking fun at each other for lack of ‘brawn’.  Men are not allowed to be ‘cowards’ or ‘pussies’, which is the popular way of saying it now.  A guy’s friends can call him a pussy for a number of reasons, though they usually involve him not wanting to participate in reckless stupid behavior, hurting himself while playing sports, and not sucking it up or walking it off, or even being afraid to push something with a girl.  “Stop being such a pussy!” Is how it’s often used. 

Because if a guy is being a ‘vagina’, though I’m not sure how that’s even possible, it means he’s not a real man. 

So once again, society has taken the most private part of a woman and made it public; allowing us all to use it inappropriately. 

Taking it literally, guys can use the word for sex as well: “Getting pussy” they call it.   When such language is used to talk about sex with women, it loses its seriousness, becoming a trivial act, a way for men to gain points with their buddies, or put another notch on their bedpost.  This kind of attitude can be dangerous, for both males and females – physically, psychologically…not to mention the societal issues involved, where boys grow up thinking they can speak to and treat girls however they want.


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