The John Reaction: male friends part 2

In Anecdotes on September 13, 2010 at 5:53 am

            In continuation of the previous blog…the second reaction I experienced would be the joking type.  On telling my friend John, he immediately asked: “It’s not anti-male themed is it?” In which I had to reply that being a feminist did not mean being anti-male, it’s just advocating for equal rights. “I know, I know”, he responded. 

            I suppose he just wanted to see my reaction, being a guy and all, but still.  Why is the idea of women’s rights so often a joking matter?  Perhaps men are afraid to take it seriously – worried about their so called ‘masculinity’ or perhaps they are uncomfortable with actually living in a world where women are treated like human beings and of having the chance to be all they can be, and so they use humor to compensate for this awkwardness or fear – that women could potentially do what they do just as competently.

           Overall, I find this reaction the least worrisome, even if it’s probably the most widespread perception of feminism.  Of course, lack of seriousness for a serious subject can be irritating, but it varies according to the joker.  At least it’s not ignorance or being against women’s rights, right?

*I’m not going into much depth explaining this reaction because I will be discussing it exhaustively later on through my interview series.


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