Protest in Morocco

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Looks. Not so skin deep after all?

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A little makeup can go along way, at least that’s what women are often told, and according to a recent study, women who wear makeup are perceived as being more competent and trustworthy.

It’s true that when cosmetics are applied correctly they enhance a woman’s beauty, and people in general are more apt to like someone who is attractive, yet to think they’re more honest and intelligent? Seems like a stretch.

Looks are still immensely important in the majority of cultures and societies, and though what’s considered to be attractive varies, it plays a role in how ‘successful’ a person may be, especially if that person is female.

However, what makes me a little hesitant to truly believe this article is 1. It seems to be the first of its kind, and 2. Beauty is enormously subjective. Add perception on top of that and my skepticism increases.

Judging looks for how much someone may be liked is one thing, but for how capable they’ll be or knowledgeable…well, it depends on the kind of attractiveness we’re discussing.  And perhaps this article just didn’t explain their point very well.  It might not be attractiveness they were measuring but appearance, which are two very different things.  Someone can be absolutely stunning and still be unkempt.  It could have been a matter of how well groomed and neat they looked when wearing makeup, and someone who appears neat and tidy is most likely more competent than someone who looks like they’re a bum on the street…

Of course it all comes down to societal perceptions and prejudices.  When making friends I hope we’ve all learned to not judge too hastily, but in a job it’s always best to put one’s ‘best foot forward’ and though once hired you have time to prove your worth, it’s always easier to start off on a good foot, however unfortunate people’s perceptions may be, than be looked down upon or not trusted to excel.


Rape and Murder

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This is a truly horrific situation reported on by the BBC.  In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India, severely brutal rapes have recently been discovered.  Most of the victims are underage girls, once part of the Dalit or ‘untouchables’ caste.  Though the caste system is supposed to be officially gone, a hierarchical system is still largely in place and not much is done to protect  these poorer people, especially not women. 

Even though Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Kumari Mayawati, is a Dalit woman and caste discrimination has long been outlawed, campaigners say the state’s largely patriarchal society still uses feudal structures to ensure that women remain marginalised and oppressed.

Due to this discovery, and because election time is looming near, politicians are promising to make women’s rights one of their main platforms, however the rapists are often men with money and political influence.  Not to mention rape is taboo and looked down upon in India (and in many other parts of the world as well).  According to a retired police officer, for every case reported 9 go unreported, and the police often omit reports to keep crime ‘down’. 

To read the entire story go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-14058814